Local Rules

The Local Rules for playing Welshpool Golf Club are as below:-



  1. Out Of Bounds (Def. & Rule 27-1)


    A ball lying beyond the line of the inside points, at ground level, of any fence, or posts, defining out of bounds as follows: -


  1. Any boundary fence.
  2. The fence around the clubhouse, putting green and car park.
  3. Left of the white posts dividing the 12th and 13th holes when playing the 12th hole only.
  4. Left of the white posts between the 4th hole and the implement sheds.


                Out of bounds posts and fences are integral parts of the course except when playing the 13th hole when the posts are immovable obstructions.


  1. Water Hazards (Def. & Rule 26)


    (i)         Water hazards marked with yellow stakes, or not marked, are ordinary water hazards. (All unmarked ditches are in this category.)

    (ii)        Water hazards marked with red stakes are lateral water hazards.


  2. Obstructions (Def. & Rule 24)


  1. Marker posts, distance posts and temporary “traffic control” posts are moveable obstructions.
  2. Power or telephone posts and stays are immovable obstructions. A ball striking an overhead power or telephone cable, or support post or stay, MUST be replayed, without penalty.
  3. Sheds and shelters are integral parts of the course – Relief without penalty is not available.


    4.   Animal Dung and Sheep Tracks


THROUGH THE GREEN – Relief without penalty may be taken (in accordance with Rule of Golf 25-1b) when a ball lies on a sheep track or lies in, on, or touches horse dung or un-scattered sheep droppings. Relief is restricted to the lie and area of intended swing. Interference solely to a player’s stance does not qualify for free relief under this local rule.




MATCH PLAY          -           LOSS OF HOLE


STROKE PLAY       -           TWO STROKES