Review by Clyde Johnson, Golf Course Architect

A great review below by Clyde Johnson, who visited on 9th June:

James Braid encountered plenty of adventurous terrain as a golf course architect, and I was left contemplating whether Welshpool might have been his best routing…It is pretty remarkable that a course could flow so well over such severe land. The reward is some magnificent views, and plenty of intriguing golf! 


Favourite moments: 

- The amount of earth required to hold-up the first green, and its stark artificiality against such a natural environment.

- The skyline/pulpit fourth green, followed by the tempting fifth with its semi-blind fall-away green. It is pretty impressive how varied those four consecutive sub-335 yard par-four holes are.

- The uncertainty of how you will get from the seventh to the golf on the ground high above, with the eighth sat in its own quaint valley bottom.

- Tenth green, rippling beautifully to keep things playable with the steep terrain.

- Twelve green shrunk against the vast backdrop, knowing that left, right or long is dead!

- The right flank of thirteen unknowingly falling away forever.

- The beautiful, if impossibly angled fourteenth.

- The anticipation of the daring last hole as you track down the narrowing sixteenth and seventeenth.


It is easy to see why Bernard Darwin stopped off at Welshpool on the way to his most "loved" course, Aberdovey!